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Gift Cards India

To purchase or send a gift cards to your loved ones, please visit our B2C award winning webstore, Here we take care of all the logistics and make sure your gift card is delivered with the right amount of love and care you would have otherwise expressed in person. GiftCardsIndia provides you the ability to personalize your message along with the gift card.

An App That Helps Change Your Life

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Prezz - The Power of Choice

We  understand we are all pressed for time in todays age. With so much to do we tend to remember our loved ones birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion only at the last minute, adding to our already stressed schedule. Therefore we provide our Digital Gifting option, PREZZ. It’s a digital gift card which you can send in real time through your handheld device while you’re on the move. PREZZ provides the recipient vast choices for redemption.