Distribution Services

GCI provides your prepaid product a multi channel distribution network through one point contact.Your card will be featured for sale across a range of B2C, B2B, Digital and Physical programs.

Multi Channel Approach


Business To Consumer

Your prepaid product will be featured for sale across some of the worlds best online stores and mobile apps. Drive new customer acquisition to your products and services by having your prepaid product part of the worlds most exciting consumer experiences.

Business to Business

GCI works with many loyalty and reward providers who source products for large corporate incentive programs and seasonal corporate gifting. Get your prepaid product selected by our partners and watch the bulk orders explode!

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Digital Solutions

GCI Network also operates an award winning consumer digital destination to purchase gift card products. www.giftcardsindia.in launched in 2011 as the first gift card retailer in India. Customers can enjoy a fun and easy gifting experience with a selection of over 250 brands across multiple categories of merchants including the only destination to buy some of the Banks Visa MasterCard Gift Cards in India.

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